The album "Being Human" has been released

A beautiful collaboration between Davide Swarup and Alexei Levin


Davide Swarup

6/30/20233 min read

Album cover Being Human with Alexei Levin and Davide Swarup
Album cover Being Human with Alexei Levin and Davide Swarup

I have met with Alexei Levin in 2013.
He invited me for a gig in Crimea while I was traveling in Ukraine at that time, to take part at couple of contact dance festivals as partecipant and musician.

I always wanted to record an album with Handpan and Piano and keys give a nice variety of sounds to the compositions.
In June 2002, after 10 years, we have met in Goa, India, and somehow we ended up living together for a week.
We had six evening live session. We sat and we started to play.


"Being Human":
A Harmonious Collaboration of Handpan and Piano in Davide Swarupand Alexei Levin' Live Album

"Being Human" is a captivating live album that brings together the ethereal sounds of the handpan, played by Davide Swarup, and the enchanting melodies of the piano, performed by Alexei Levin.
Released with the intention of celebrating the beauty of human connection and the essence of being alive this collaborative album takes listeners on a transformative musical journey.

The Artists:

Davide Swarup is a visionary handpan player renowned for his soulful and emotive performances.
With his intuitive playing style and ability to evoke deep emotions through his instrument, Davide has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.
His extensive experience in the world of handpans and his passion for exploring their meditative and healing qualities make him a truly remarkable musician.

Alexei Levin, a skilled and versatile pianist, brings his passion and artistry to the collaboration.
With a background rooted in classical and contemporary music, Alexei's piano playing effortlessly weaves intricate melodies and harmonies, adding a layer of richness and depth to the compositions.

The Album:

"Being Human" is a live album that beautifully captures the synergy between the handpan and the piano.
The tracks on the album showcase the improvisational talents of both Davide Swarup and Alexei Levin, as they create moments of pure musical magic.

The music flows organically, taking listeners on an introspective and contemplative journey.
From gentle and introspective pieces that invite reflection to uplifting and rhythmic compositions that inspire movement, "Being Human" encompasses a range of emotions and musical landscapes.

The interplay between the handpan and the piano creates a delicate balance, allowing each instrument to shine individually while blending seamlessly together.

The music on "Being Human" is deeply rooted in the artists' shared vision of celebrating the human experience.
It serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness and the beauty that can be found in our shared moments of joy, introspection, and vulnerability.


"Being Human" is a testament to the power of collaboration and the transcendent nature of music.
Davide Swarup and Alexei Levin's live album combines the enchanting sounds of the handpan and piano, creating a harmonious and deeply moving experience.

Through their improvised compositions, they invite listeners to embark on a profound introspective journey, celebrating the essence of being human.

Whether you are a fan of handpan music, piano melodies, or simply seek a transformative musical experience, "Being Human" offers a unique and captivating blend of sounds that will touch your soul and remind you of the beauty that lies within the human spirit.

Everything you hear is created directly in that moment.
We had no idea what will come out of it. I call it aLive Music.

Ence , it shows again to me the beauty and power of improvisational music.
Everything is just magical to my hear. We will definitely create some studio
composition from it in the near future.

I have listened to the recordings for a whole year, before the release.
Suddenly one night, I had the "inspiration" for the album and tracks titles,
contemplating and feeling the sadness of where our society
and broken system is going, to my opinion.

"Being Human" is a reminder here to stay for what I believe is much needed
for humanity at the core level.
When we will manage to reach that level of awareness I believe that most
of our practical and material issues will be solved.

I am convinced that without "Listening" at first, not just with our ears,
nothing can be achieved in the outer and inner world.
What else is more important for humans than to celebrate life?
I leave the answer to you.

Enjoy the music and love and blessings for everyone out there 🙏