-To dive into the world of the magic sounds of the Hang,
to explore your inner being, to spend some time with yourself
and leave everything behind –

What is it about?
I have been playing the Hang,

since 2005.
Often I experienced the beauty of its sound:
It can bring the audience in the present moment.
I love meditation. Playing music for me it is
a natural, easy way, to be in the present.
That is what meditation mean.
And of course meditation and improvisation
are very much interconnected.

So after few years of “just” playing music,
I wanted to share the knowledge I have.
To give to the audience not just
a “musical” experience,
but also an opportunity to learn

something more about

I experienced in the past Dynamic meditations
by the Indian Master Osho.

The meditation starts with 30 minutes of high energy celebration where everybody is invited to participate and dance with totality, to release the daily worries and move the energy from the mind into the body.
Dancing it is a beautiful way to easily calm the mind.

The more totality is brought to the celebration,
the deeper the silence will go.
It is a preparation for the next stage:

That is Hang music played for 45 minutes, while sitting with eyes closed. With moment of silence in between.

The last stage, 15 minutes of relaxation, line down.
To feel your own self and slowly come back.

I have been experimenting now since one and half year
and the beautiful feedback form the audience
It pushes me to continue in this beautiful path.
Davide Swarup