The “Hang” its a percussion instrument with melody invented in 2000 by PANArt, an evolution of the steel pan.
Family name: “Hand Pan”.
It was produced by the two inventors, Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner, in a limited production in Bern.

Since 2013 they stopped producing the “Hang”.

In a few years time the instrument went through various developments and I’d like to think that the research is not finished yet. A few companies have already been inspired to reproduce it.
About 80 makers are estimated, around the world, till 2015.

So lets see what the future will bring!
It is very difficult to buy a “Hang” these days because of the huge difference between supply and demand. Here the latest news from PANArt: The Call of Iron.
Published in the “Hang Library” ,May 10th, 2011.

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My experiences with the Instrument, has shown me how special its sound is.
Most of the time people go silent, sometimes they cry. Music has healing power always. By making people dancing or singing.
For me and the “Hang” is about listening, regardless of what you play. Both for me and the audience.

My opinion is that the combination of the vibrations of the metal, the frequencies and the overtones reactions, plus the attitude and the touch of the musician, all this combined it s so beautiful that will make you stop and just listening.
Nothing magic, just beauty !
A easy instrument to bring people in the moment, in meditation.

Many Hang players are developing techniques and experimenting with other instruments.
I always prefer the Hang solo, for me to let go into the “music”, or in a composition where the Hang  has the main role.
To my ears it loses its beauty with too much” sounds”.

There are more than two hours of music in my website.

So, Stretch your ears, sit back and enjoy the music.
Have a beautiful day!

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