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  1. Rita Lorincz

    Baska ok!! :-))

  2. El

    Dear Swarup,

    although we did not chat or dance much, you were a steady source of joy and optimism for me during the last week. Thaaaaannnnnxxxx! For your warmth, your smile and your presence.
    Hope to see u again :-)

  3. Oliver

    Davide we love you! thank you so much for the music you shared with us!


    For me, you have achieved, the long for moment that, all of us, have wished to reach trough over our existence:
    The perfect balance.

    I also struggle every single day in order to find it out. I can’t get it, but your music is like “an answer to my prayers”, it recovers my soul with the hope and freedom and restores the idea that I will manage it.

    There must be awsome the feeling when, your job, is able to change mind’s people or, modestly, making them happier.

    Only people like you change the world in a right way.

    All the best, Davide.

  5. Tatyana Wagner

    Dear Davide,
    your sound is a blessing to us all.
    thanks so much for deep enjoying sound.
    Love & light & peace.
    hearty & warm embrace

  6. jaco

    Hi Davide!
    I want to know what tune your Hang is.
    And btw you’re great! ;)

  7. Hi Davide, we met briefly on the sidewalk in Amsterdam in 09, thank you for making “Dreamland” available. I’ve been dancing all afternoon w/ a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time. 56 yrs young in Seattle, Stu

  8. I really love your way to play the Hang! A lots of soul in it:-)
    In september last year I was in Bern and chose my hang. I love it. For some reason I got stuck on one of Cminor. A little lower and darker in pitch, it sounds beautiful.
    Love to you!

  9. oleg fantastic

    David thanks for the magical music and atmosphere in Odessa. always happy.good luck !

  10. Vladimir

    Hi! Had the good fortune to be at a concert in Odessa!!!! Magic!!! Looking forward to the performances in Kyiv! Please announce the time and place! This music gives incredible journey of consciousness!!! I want more!

  11. Julia

    I’ve been today in Maharaja for your concert.It was something I’ve never heard before! Beautiful, relaxing…Thanks for the mood, atmosphere, smile and openness!

  12. I have not much words, but allots of soul that is touched deep by your music. I want to thank you ALL and the strings are phenomenal together with the hang..what a magic has happened with you, perfect harmony and Spirit strait in the Universe, my God:))I play the crystal bowls with some Bulgarian folk and a few amazing musicians..Seriously thinking to invite you in Bulgaria. Is that something you may like to do:))?? Blessings & Love to you all

  13. Ehsan Yazdani

    Thanks mate! awesome, awesome…

  14. Barbara

    Hi David! your music its amazing pure spiritual calm and has a lot of LOVE the most important ingredient big hug for You!!!

  15. Hrishikesh

    Please let me know when you guys are planning to come to goa, india. I would love to attend ur concerts or any program.

    • Prithvi

      I think they’re in Arambol, Goa today. 29th Jan 2013. Show starts at 7:00

      Worth a shot.

  16. Aloha Star Family! absolutely inspired by your sound. I am a relatively new player (less than 1 year) and would love some professional insight on my developing playing style. just some feedback/support would be most appreciated, thank you David!

    I AM
    looking forward to meeting you one day brother:)

  17. forgot to post this
    thanks for the feedback


  18. Davide,

    your music is great!
    I discovered the preciousness of your music by Osho … and ANNA RF.
    Usually listening to a lot of commercial music, deep house, dance, Techno …. I also remix, but in recent weeks the assiduity with which I am living and Osho meditation led me to you …
    Every day I listen to your music … your music … and I hope to see you soon and maybe get to know you personally.
    Come in Italy
    Devoted and in love with reality


    • Grazie mille Alessandra! sono curioso come l amato osho ti ha portato da me :) ha ha non sapevo che e´un mio fan ;)
      un abbraccio per queste parole e ci si vede spero in italia quest estate ))

  19. Amir Izadi


    My mother currently has metastatic cancer and your music gives me a lot of peace and comfort and shows me that there is beauty in every aspect of life, even in grief and sorrow.

    Thank you so much for what you do. In you compositions I believe you touch the divine and manifest its beauty for us.

    I wonder if you are familiar with the music of Ghazal, the collaboration of Kayhan Kalhor and Shujaat Husain Khan?

    Much love and blessings,

    • Thank you so much for this words ) I am happy to hear that what I do, my passion can help people in difficult moments and not just fun ;)
      i embrace you in a warm hug.
      i will check the music you suggest )

      much love

  20. Vlad

    You can’t imagine how much I loved your concert today in Ziferblat, Rostov. the images in my mind born of you , now don’t go out of my head! I am in great delight! thank you very much! I hope that the happiness and joy which you give people will return to you in the double size !

  21. Sander Schat

    hi Davide,

    when you are in Amsterdam and have some time, do you wanna get together for a jam?
    i have two hangdrums and looking for some players to connect with, for further development etc.

    Hope to hear from you!
    Keep up the good work


  22. Olya

    You are great! Your music is very, very unusual..and so beautifull..and gives the state of peace… as if I`m at the seaside now… :)

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