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April 2016
New members, New Vibes, New Sounds!

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Arambolla its born in Goa, India. April 2013.

It was a magical encounter: Roy Smila and Ofir J. Rock, were traveling as ANNA RF, meeting musicians and producing new videos while traveling all around the world.
In Arambol they meet Davide Swarup and invited him for a shooting of one video with them.

They went to the jungle with couple of Zoom, mics and a camera and they started to improvise.
They played for about one hour. When they listen the recording they decided to mix the audio and make a cd. When they listen the Audio they decided to create a band. And Arambolla was born!

A mix of ancient and future music with Kamancha, the father of the violin, originally from Iran, Vocal and guitar and HandPan, Spb and Hang, the latest instrument invented in Switzerland by PANArt.

The band is based on live improvisations, composition by Davide Swarup where Ofir And Roy bring their magical touch to make them concerts a true experience of creating music in the moment. at same time the songs are crystallising by themselves.

In 2015 ROY and OFIR have left  Arambolla
to take part fully in the other project they had started at the same time: