Ciao, my name is Davide Swarup.
I am an independent musician, a busker and a traveller. I’ m born in Italy, in Como 23-09-1974 and I grown up in a town called Capena, close to Rome.

How I found my self playing music? It just happened!

At age of 15th I started to work in construction and left the study, as geometrician, because I wanted to buy my first Hi-Fi and a bass guitar. (thanks to my parents to let me free).

Three friends of mine wanted to make a band and only the bass guitar was left!

So I started my music life in a Iron Maiden cover band named Nefastum, till the age of 18th more or less.

After that, adults duties took over and I ended up in pub, caffe, factories, catering and construction again, and I was only listening to music!

I went to India in 2000 and I discovered my skills to drum on something and music was coming out of it!

And I heard for the first time the indian santoor, live!
After that, back to work and no playing music anymore.

In 2002 I went to India again and I bought the Indian Santoor, and slowly I decided that I wanted to became a musician!
So after another two years of bar and construction work I arrived in Amsterdam.

The funny thing is that I realised that is better to be pour withut job than be pour with a job. That was the main reason why i decided to “quit” my life.
After I took this decision, with many struggle, the Hang came to me and all started:

It was November 2004. A few months later, in March 2005, a friend of mine introduced me to the Hang. And my life took again another direction.

Raymond thank you forever:) I touched the bass tone of the Hang, the ding, and I felt something moving to my heart like air, vibration, something.
From that moment I can’t stop playing. My first three years were a full intense solo playing, now I can say, to discover the instrument and develop my touch. It was a really intense period of my life and the hang support me in any directions. Together with all the support and love of my friends and listeners!

I started to play the Hang together with nettO, my friend/brother musician, and we started together with Namaste’, the Chaishop jams, for about a year.

I started to play music everyday and busking. Slowly many opportunity came my way (street in this case). Like going to Moscow guest of the Ivanov Brothers in 2006 or in Istanbul, where I met Goksel Baktagir, or playing in the India Arie backstage for her (videos are in the video section). Or watch the Rolling Stones concert sitting in the mixer console :) all because of the busking!

Plus performances in tea houses, gallery, private party, benefit party, sauna, yoga class, etc. and many beautiful personal experiences.

Two different studio collaborations with Avi Adir and Dewi Pechler.

Than one day my friend Niels said to me: Swarup, what about making a cd?
And I said: ok, why not?

It was september 2006, in March 2007 the independent label Samekh Records was build and my first Album “Music for Hang” released. Samekh Records helped me to produce the Cd and than let me be an independent musician.

I have  also released three bootleg from collaborations from the past, “Moves”. One live concert from Oslo “Davide Swarup and the Cosmic Mermaids” and one live concert from India with different instrument and artist, “Live in Arambol”.
And two live album with Avi Adir.

You can find all of them in Here!

I also do Hang solo concert as meditation.
I had the great pleasure to perform in Kiev in the planetarium “Atmasfera360°” as Hang solo with incredible visuals in a 360° cinema screen. A great experience!

I performed for TEDxSalford in Manchester, 2012.

In 2013, a new collaboration has started:
A new project very exciting for me.

The longest and strongest collaboration
was with the multi-instrumentalist
Avi Adir, from 2012 till 2015.
Mostly they have performed in India and Russia,
in different festival and gigs.

Started as duo, it became “Saalome Trio”
with Julien Moretto, in 2015.

Two album Live were released
with Avi Adir.

Now Avi, Julien and Andrey Tanzù
play together in the band:
“Avi Adir´s Trio”


So here I am with my music busking around, travelling and performing, looking for inspirations.
Let see what happen!;)
Davide Swarup